Know-how on demand

In today's world, the knowledge of how to do something can be worth more than the act itself. If, for example, your company operates a large number of catering trucks, we can help design a repair facility tailored to the needs of those trucks, and only those trucks – which saves you money on things you don't need. And for additional savings, our design can be implemented by local contractors. 

Ground support that meets your priorities

In some cases, the focus lies more on functionality than price. For example, composite materials are popular in today's aircraft construction due to their strength-to-weight ratio. But working with these composites requires a special oven that must be calibrated in a very complex process. You can do that yourself by trial and error. Or you can call us. 

Integrating GSE into your processes

This makes even more sense when you consider that all aircraft maintenance procedures and GSE must be integrated seamlessly into your existing process landscape. Every single piece of equipment has to be certified, maintained and calibrated, and every procedure diligently monitored and documented so that you're always prepared for an inspection by the authorities. We at LEOS know better than anyone that a lapse or mistake can lead to a grounded aircraft and cost you dearly. That's why we recommend that you let us take care of this indispensable task of GSE integration. 

Consulting capabilities:

  • GSE fleet analysis and optimization
  • GSE maintenance workshop evaluation, optimization and planning
  • Aircraft docking systems ranging all the way to complete maintenance bases
  • Hangar and tool store layout planning
  • Ground markings for aircraft positioning, parking and towing
  • Training in maintenance and use of equipment