Lufthansa Technik offers advanced Cyclean® engine wash

Washing cycles up to -10 degrees Celsius air temperature

Lufthansa Technik is offering an advanced version of its Cyclean® engine wash system. Based on the large success of the first Cyclean® version Lufthansa Technik's product engineering has further optimized the system. The temperature range has been significantly extended in which Cyclean® can be used. The advanced system is operational up to -10 degrees Celsius outside air temperature compared to +5 degrees Celsius of the current version.

To avoid the danger of water freezing below +5 Celsius which limited the use of Cyclean® so far, the advanced Cyclean® unit has been modified. The system is now automatically adding a glycol-mixture to the water jet. Depending on the outside temperature the user can select between different admixture programs. The new temperature limit of -10 degrees Celsius is giving customers a significantly larger flexibility for their engine washes, as they can also be executed in wintertime now.

The first advanced Cyclean® system has been positioned at London-Heathrow and has already proven is operational readiness by performing regular engine washes. A second system has been deployed at Zurich airport / Switzerland, followed by a third system which will start performing wash services at Montréal-Trudeau / Canada in October. It is also planned to further extend the engine portfolio for the advanced Cyclean® system to all popular engine types by the winter period 2016 / 2017 at the latest.

In parallel Lufthansa Technik is working on a research & development project, called Cyclean® 2.0, to further shorten time and performance of the wash cycle and to replace water by CO2 dry ice pellets as the washing medium.