Lufthansa Technik produces holders for LED flashlights

In-house shops for integrated development/production

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, the interior workshops of Lufthansa Technik Base Maintenance will be presenting a product that is economical in every respect. New holders developed in-house for LED flashlights will allow airline customers to replace existing flashlights by simply clicking an adapter into place instead of performing extensive cockpit modifications.

Nearly all aircraft fleets currently use flashlights with a heavy and obsolete design that provides poor illumination. Replacing them with energy-saving, lighter and much brighter flashlights using LED technology has been delayed thus far due to the expense of installing the new holders that would be required. At Lufthansa Technik AG, cooperation between engineering and the base maintenance shops has led to the development and production of adapters that can be inserted into the existing holders, making it possible to switch to the new system in just a few minutes. Lufthansa Passage is currently beginning to replace the cockpit flashlights in its Airbus A320 and A380 fleets.

The team from the interior shops of Lufthansa Technik Base Maintenance, with over 200 people, repositioned itself on the market during 2014. The shops, which are headed by Arne Bruhn and previously only operated as backshops for aircraft overhaul, now also offer specific single-source modification services for commercial airlines in cooperation with the company's engineering and Original Equipment Innovation divisions and its VIP shops.

Thanks to the utilization of their in-house capacity, Lufthansa Technik's Hamburg shops can provide commercial airlines with flexible, quick and economical solutions for the modification of existing cabin components, allowing the airlines to avoid, for example, having to buy expensive new seats. The shops can also produce complete electrical wiring systems of all kinds or adapt a cabin design to an airline's new image, including the use of foils or paints, thanks to its in-house shop specialists.

Arne Bruhn, Head of the interior shops at Lufthansa Technik Base Maintenance, says: "With many years of experience as a service provider for aircraft overhaul, we have expertise in the modification of existing aircraft cabins that is unmatched on the market. Against the backdrop of ever-shorter innovation cycles and increasing passenger expectations, commercial airlines are confronted with the challenge of finding economical solutions for the long-term development of their cabin products, and we see ourselves as the ideal partner for them. Together with our colleagues in engineering, innovation and VIP Interiors, we can produce the components for a cabin modification in a very short time. We perform our own development services for individual components just as effectively as we produce prototypes in our shops."

The teams are currently producing large quantities of components for economy cabins in which centrally controlled entertainment systems are being converted to units that have their own computing power and are integrated in the seats. This modification calls for a combination of extensive structural modifications and complete rewiring.