Extra-long distance flight of a BBJ 2 operated by ACM AIR CHARTER

Aircraft was completed by Lufthansa Technik

A BBJ 2, completed and delivered by Lufthansa Technik at the beginning of 2014, has recently made an extra-long distance flight from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil to Frankfurt / Germany. 

The aircraft, operated by ACM AIR CHARTER in Baden-Baden/ Germany for a private customer, flew the 5139.1 nautical miles (9523.9 km) distance non-stop with 6 passengers on board. The flight time was 12:02 hours.

Thomas Minninger, Managing Director of ACM AIR CHARTER, said: "We are really impressed by the performance of this BBJ 2. The range of the aircraft and the high-class cabin interior which guarantees a well-being for all passengers especially on long-haul flights, clearly prove, that the completion experts from Lufthansa Technik have done a great job. It is a pure pleasure to fly with this aircraft."

The ultra-modern cabin design for the BBJ 2 was created by a renowned international design bureau in London. It has been range-optimized by using lightweight elements and consequent design principles, e.g. by considering the ideal center of gravity.

Despite the fact that design and engineering were focused on weight reduction and range, the cabin interior of the BBJ2 contains several innovation highlights, like a steam shower, an open cooking opportunity, an air humidification system and lower cabin altitude. Additionally, the aircraft is equipped with Lufthansa Technik's state-of-the-art nice inflight entertainment & cabin management system, including GSM connectivity and live-TV. The nice system can be completely controlled via personal devices like the iPad or iPhone. To achieve a real cinema feeling, the BBJ 2 is the first B737 equipped with a 65 inch HD monitor on board.