Lufthansa Technik presents design study "Falcon Master"

Safe resting and transport platform for falcons

Lufthansa Technik's VIP & Executive Jet Solutions Division has developed a design study for a safe resting and transport platform for falcons. Falconing is a popular activity in many countries in the Middle East region. The "Falcon Master" enables falcon owners to transport their falcons or other birds in the aircraft sitting on a dedicated bird stand connected to standard seat tracks.

Working closely with falcon specialists from the Middle East Lufthansa Technik has designed the "Falcon Master" in due consideration of hygienic aspects as well as practical requirements like cleanliness and certification requirements.

The easy-to-install kit is based on Lufhansa Technik's Stretcher NG product. It can be fixed above folded seats on standard seat tracks in various a/c types and is designed to minimize the needed space in the aircraft. The legs of the "Falcon Master" are adjustable in height, width and depth to be installable above different seats in all Airbus, Boeing and many other aircraft types. The platform can be quickly disassembled in three parts and stowed in lightweight containers which can be transported like a trolley.

The "Falcon Master" kit will also maximize sanitary protection of walls, seats and carpets against dirt produced by the birds. The top of the "Falcon Master" has a stainless steel surface for easy cleaning. A cage or a transparent cover could be added, as well as other accessories like cleaning material or a bird feeder.