Pilot controlled dispatch towing - without engines running

The TaxiBot

A semi-robotic, pilot-controlled towing tractor. The vehicle tows the aircraft close to the take off point – without running engines. This process will be steered by the pilot.

Taking care of our environment, this innovation will help to reduce CO2-Emissions and reduce the use of fuel. Being a part of this project, LEOS is the first operator worldwide, to perform dispatch towing in normal operation. 

Operational Towing Concept

The first worldwide Innovation which allows the pilot to steer the aircraft to the take-off point by himself. He steers the nose gear with the tiller in the cocpit. The turrent platform, which is holding the Nose Landing Gear is free to rotate. Sensors which are installed at the platform detect the steering angle of the Nose Landing Gear and steer all wheels of the tow tractor.

The safety driver in the tractor is responsible for pushbacks, emergency-cases and the return phase. 

Revolution in Airplane Taxiing

  • significant reduction in air and noise pollution
  • major reduction in fuel consumption
  • improved airfield safety and FOD prevention
  • minor or no modification to airplane and no extra weight
  • minor modifications to airports