High road to ground support

Lufthansa LEOS (short for Lufthansa Engineering and Operational Services GmbH) is the industry leader in all areas of aircraft ground support equipment (GSE). Founded in 1995 as the Lufthansa Group's leading system partner for GSE and workshops, LEOS has developed an unmatched base of knowledge and experience in technical towing services and in the engineering and maintenance of tools and equipment. 

Powered by experience

Today, Lufthansa LEOS provides integrated ground support solutions for the MRO industry as well as for airlines, airports and ground handling companies all over the world. At our home base airports in Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Düsseldorf, our range of professional services covers virtually every aspect of aircraft ground support. 

What makes LEOS special

We can look back on a long tradition of reliability, customer orientation, and quality, enriched with the spirit of German engineering. What makes LEOS special, though, is that we have always worked side by side with our customers, on the ground, right where their actual problems occur.

That's where we develop ideas for better solutions and creative innovations in the interests of higher efficiency, a safer workplace and greater environmental friendliness. But it takes the systematic approach of a global player to turn bright ideas into long-term successes. That's why Lufthansa LEOS offers real added value in GSE support. 

Our GSE support promise

"We can design or source for our customers any moving or movable airport equipment that is not an aircraft. We specify, optimize, customize and maintain ground support equipment to meet your needs. We deliver the means and the knowledge to run it efficiently, safely, sustainably and according to regulations."

LEOS is a DIN ISO 9001:2008-certified organization and an approved design organization for ground support equipment (EASA Part-21), allowing it to develop and modify tools and equipment for aircraft maintenance.