We pull it off

We have a long history of towing – we position aircraft reliably and safely, organize hangar and maneuver towing and execute all repositioning movements. In fact, we've been in this business for so long that we're the industry leader – we even co-develop towing vehicles! It was our idea, for example, to build a towbarless truck, in which a single operator controls the whole process without having to leave the driver cabin. We did the same thing for the towbar truck. Both developments save you time and money. 

Industry leader in single-man towing

Lufthansa LEOS performs maintenance and maneuver towing without the need for a maintenance engineer in the aircraft cockpit. Our specially trained and qualified drivers can also carry out radio-controlled maintenance tows, eliminating the need for a mandatory maintenance tow follow-me. With LEOS, towing is faster and more cost-effective. 

Saving time and money in towing

For single-operator tows at night, we illuminate the aircraft with strobe lights installed on our towbarless towing tractors instead of using the aircraft navigation lights. This saves operators valuable APU operating time and even increases visibility. We also perform single-man towbar push-backs without walkout assistance. Upon request, we can even offer special training for your own staff, comprising an introduction of several days to towbar and towbarless tractor driving as well as safety awareness training. 

Optimum planning and control

We equip our single-operator tow tractors with GPS-supported IT tools for optimum planning, control, punctuality and transparency. Furthermore, we train our staff thoroughly and keep up standards with an advanced safety management system. Our engineers' expertise is the source of continuous improvements to Lufthansa LEOS' towing tractor fleet. 

Towing capabilities:

  • Aircraft towing and push-back for all aircraft types
  • Maintenance towing
  • Aircraft docking
  • Aircraft weighing
  • Industry leader in
  • Towbarless: Single-man aircraft and maintenance towing
  • Towbar: Single-man push-out without walk-out assistance
  • GPS-supported IT tools for planning and control
  • Role modelling safety management system in place
  • Training and introduction to equipment operation, safety and driving procedures 
  • Engineering expertise to improve towing tractor fleet of Lufthansa LEOS and other customers (fleet management)