We'll get you there

Whenever you or your business associates, visitors, customers, crew or any other very important people need to be chauffeured, you have a trustworthy address, at least in Germany: Lufthansa LEOS. From our long experience serving Lufthansa passengers, executives and crew members, we can offer a seamless structure of chauffeur-driven limousines, minibuses and coaches to take you from the airport to your destination and back again, in comfort and style and with the utmost in reliability and German punctuality. 

LEOS knows the way

Our chauffeurs and drivers know their way around every German airport. They have all the necessary clearances to move freely and they are hand-picked for their discretion and amiable manners. And their driving skills are honed and tested to exceed industry standards for that extra inch of safety and your peace of mind. The same applies to our courier services – we transport both people and valuable goods with equal care. 

GPS-supported transport management

Our greatest value to our customers, though, lies in our efficient planning of transport tasks. The core of our transport management is a state-of-the-art, GPS-supported IT system with trackers in all vehicles. This helps us ensure punctuality and transparency and supports thecontinuing refinement of the most efficient possible transportation system, based on the number of passengers, pick-up and drop-off locations and aircraft schedules. 

To the moon and back

The yearly distance we cover during crew transport reaches more than a million kilometers. So when you're talking about driving your captains, pursers and cabin attendants to the moon and back, sustainable fuel efficiency becomes very attractive. 

Transportation capabilities:
Chauffeur service

  • The Lufthansa LEOS chauffeur service is available throughout Germany and can be carried out on demand using minibuses, coaches, or limousines, all complete with drivers.

Crew Transportation

  • Airside and landside transportation
  • Modern, comfortable crew coaches
  • Driver qualification that exceeds industry standards (safety management)
  • GPS-supported IT tools for planning and control
  • Availability: 24/7