Places of excellence

Germans have a reputation for outstanding technical expertise. Maybe that's why there's actually more pressure on us as a GSE partner than on anybody else. But that's good for LEOS' customers: Since we've learned to repair virtually anything, anywhere and anytime, quickly and effectively, our customers can be sure we'll reduce their downtime to an absolute minimum. 

Not just certified

Our certified airside workshops in Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf are all headed by master mechanics and qualified according to German industry standards, which we regularly exceed. Every day of the year, we can deliver the whole spectrum of GSE maintenance and overhaul services, including planning, performance, documentation and tracking. 

Anything but aircraft

Lufthansa LEOS services, maintains, repairs and overhauls anything, including pushback and towing tractors, de-icers, platforms, lifters, busses, trucks, cars, electrocars and all other ground support equipment. Also covered are aircraft maintenance tools, such as jacks, engine stands and whatever else could possibly need fixing or overhauling. If need be, we'll even fly to where the equipment is located, whether in Germany or elsewhere. 

Focus on your core business

But it can be even easier: We'll develop a complete solution for your entire vehicle fleet. Our "Gas & Drive" product, for example, means that your only responsibility for your vehicles is to drive and refuel them – we look after the rest. 

Workshop capbilities:

  • Certified airside workshops and stores
  • Headed by master mechanics who are qualified according to German industry standards
  • Broad spectrum of equipment and service contracts with manufacturers
  • Availability: seven days a week
  • Service, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and calibration of: push-back/towing tractors, deicers, platforms, lifters, busses, trucks, cars, electrocars, all other ground support equipment, and aircraft maintenance tools, such as jacks, engine stands, etc.
  • Mobile field service within Germany and abroad

Special services:

  • Major overhauls of towbarless tractors
  • Complete solutions for managing entire vehicle fleets
  • Gas & Drive" including servicing, repairs and courtesy cars
  • Various total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) models available